CHEMISTRY is a Science of change and is considered the Central Science, which touches upon all other frontiers of Science/technology. There has been enormous growth in the past 30 years with many new applications in Biotechnology, Materials, Medicine, Nanotechnology, Environmental Health, Alternative Fuels and Forensic Science. By studying the basic properties of substances and transformations they undergo, the chemist finds solution to scientific challenges and contributes to the development of new technologies.

The PG Wing of SBRR Mahajana First Grade College(affiliated to the University of Mysore) offers a master’s degree in CHEMISTRY from the academic year 2013-14, which is a 2 year ( 4 semesters) programme. The Programme is designed to provide:

  1. Excellent foundation in chemistry, both theoretical concepts and practical applications.
  2. Solid training to permit graduates to obtain responsible positions in industries, research labs, government agencies and educational institutions.
  3. Strong preparations for pursuing Ph.D and other higher professional programs.
  4. Excellent student- teacher ratio and friendly atmosphere.
  5. Qualified faculty (Ph.Ds) as per UGC norms.
  6. Laboratories with state-of –the art infrastructure, which cater to the need of the University syllabus.
  7. Special lectures/ Seminars by outside faculty/Scientists to enhance the knowledge and improve the quality of instruction.


Career opportunities : 

The different branches of chemistry include, analytical, inorganic, organic, Physical, forensic, agricultural, environmental, and biochemistry. Many career opportunities in a Wide range of fields are open to a chemist. Chemists work as researchers, analysts, environmentalists, criminologists, librarians, patent examiners, production foremen, teachers, writers, etc. They work in industries that produce everyday needs such as fertilizers, pharamaceuticals, plastics, processed food and semi-conductors. There is a wide scope for pursuing research in India and abroad.

Eligibility : 

Degree with Chemistry as one of the Major/ Optional subject, Provided the Candidate has studied Mathematics as one of the Optional subject in the Two year PUC or equivalent with aggregate minimum of 45% marks (40% for SC/ST) and Cat-I Candidates).