About the department

The Department of Studies in Biotechnology, Microbiology & Biochemistry was established in the year 2004, 2007 & 2012 respectively. The Department is striving to berecognized as a leader for offering societal relevant innovative Post Graduate education. It endeavors to build and enhance the capabilities of the future generation by providing quality education. The course is approved by the University Grants Commission & affiliated to University of Mysore.The syllabus is well designed by the subject experts at University and has been implemented in the Department accordingly. The Department has spacious laboratories with well equipped sophisticated instruments like HPLC, GC, Phase contrast microscope, CO2 incubator, Deep freezer, Bio-safety cabinet, ELISA reader, PCR, Flash evaporator, UV-visible spectrophotometer etc. A dynamic and vision oriented teaching staff are serving the Department. The faculties are involved in research projects funded by UGC & VGST,CSIR ,DST-SERB ,DST-FIST. The students are involved in in-house ongoing projects to create awareness in R&D and are trained to handle different laboratory instruments independently. The Department has good infrastructure, furnished classroom with facilities of projectors (OHP, LCD), Black & White board for efficient teaching purpose. Special lectures are arranged throughout the course from eminent Professors and Scientists from different organizations viz., UOM, CFTRI, DFRL, IISc, GKVK, BIOCON, etc to enrich the scientific knowledge of students. National Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops are regularly organized to give awareness on recent trends in Biological sciences to the students. The students are encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities. Our students have won many intercollegiate essay, debate, music and extempore competitions held at various colleges/institutions. Since the inception of the department, it has produced cent percent result with several ranks (1st, 5th, 7th & 9th) & distinction to its credit.

" The Department is Funded from Department of Science & Technology - FIST New Delhi Government Of India "

Student Achievement:

Research paper accepted for presentation in “World Congress of Neurology, September 16-21, 2017, Kyoto,Japan.

Ms. Kavya Sugur
M.Sc Biotechnology (2014-2016):

Grant Awarded WCN-Travel Bursary Prize to present her research paper at “World Congress of Neurology, September 16-21, 2017, Kyoto, Japan
Title of the research paper Chronic exposure to metabisulphites causes oxidative stress mediated neurotoxicity in Drosophila melanogaster: Are we ignoring the neurodegenerative effects of common food preservatives
Guided by Dr. Girish Chandran, Assistant Professor, DOS in Biochemistry ,PBMMPG Wing
Dr.Jyoti Bala Chauhan ,Professor & Head ,DOS in Biotechnology, Microbiology & Biochemistry ,PBMMPG wing

Major / Minor Research Projects:

Name of the Principal Investigator Funding agency Title of the Project
Dr.Jyoti Bala Chauhan 1. UGC-MRP
2. VGST-K-FIST Level 2 ,GOK
1. Isolation & Characterization of Bioactive Compounds from Bilimbi & Star Fruit
2. Isolation & Characterization of Algalicidal Metabolites from Bloom Forming Cyanobacteria of local bodies
3. Isolation and characterization of value added compounds from Nostoc linckia
4. Isolation & Characterization of Anticancer compounds from A.bilimbi
Dr. H. N. Krishna Kumar 1. UGC –MRP
2. UGC - MRP
1. In vitro propagation of Calamus L.
2. Anti-Cancer component - Isolation & Characterization from the members of Solanaceae
Ms. Smitha Grace S.R 1. UGC-MRP 1. Alpha Amylase Inhibitory activities of  Persea americana
Dr. Harish R 1. UGC-MRP
1. Bioremediation of organochlorine pesticide (Endosulfans) residues in coffee plantation soil
2. Isolation & Characterization of Bioremediating Microorganisms.
Dr.Mahadeesh Prasad 1. SERB-DST 1. Investigating the significance of DNA damage response signaling pathway in B-cell malignancies.

Faculty Achievement:

Name of the Coordinator Dr.Jyoti Bala Chauhan
Professor & Head
DOS in Biotechnology, Microbiology & Biochemistry
Government of India

Research Paper accepted for presentation in Neuroscience 2017 conference, Society for Neuroscience, Nov 11-15, 2017, Washington DC, USA.

Name of the Authors Girish Chandran, Kavya Sugur and Jyoti Bala Chauhan,
Name of the Presenter Dr. Girish Chandran, Assistant Professor
DOS in Biochemistry ,PBMMPG wing
Title of the paper Ferulic acid enhances the neuroprotective properties of calorie restriction against acrylamide model in Drosophila melanogaster: Neurobehavioral and Biochemical evidences (Revised title: Dietary casein modulates Acrylamide induced oxidative stress and neurotoxicity in Drosophila melanogaster: Relevance to nutritional intervention therapy
Presentation venue Neuroscience 2017 conference, Society for Neuroscience, Nov 11-15, 2017, Washington DC, USA.
Grant awarded IBRO-SFN (International Brain Research Organization-Society for Neuroscience)

The Director of the PG Centre Receiving VGST Award (CISE) from the Honorable former Chief Minister Sri B.S Yediyurappa

Prof V G Talwar the honorable vice- chancellor of UOM inaugurating 3day UGC  workshop with other dignitaries

The honorable vice- chancellor of KSOU Prof  K.S Rangappa  inaugurating UGC Conference with other  dignitaries

The honorable vice- chancellor of  JSS University  Dr. B. Suresh  inaugurating National Seminar held in Collabaration with AMI, Mysore Chapter

Dr V. Prakash Director of  CFTRI,  Inaugurating New Bio- Technology Building  with other  dignitaries follwed by release of SIM material 

Faculties interacting with Bharat Ratna Prof C.N.Rao Chairman VGST, Govt of Karnataka in a National Conference

Lighting of lamp during the inaugurals of UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Advanced Immunological Techniques”

Inauguration of PG auditorium and laboratory (Lifescience - III) by his holiness Sri Sri Sri Shrivarathri Desikendra Swamiji

Prof. Jyoti Bala chauhan in an interaction with his holiness Sri Sri Sri Shrivarathri Desikendra Swamiji

Prof. K.S. Rangappa, Vice Chancellor, University of Mysore, during the inauguration of UGC sponsored Two days Conference on “Driving Stem Cells research towards therapy- A vision of future” held on September 18th and 19th, 2014

Dignitaries during the inauguration of UGC sponsored National seminar on “Current Scenario in Food Habits & Inflammatory Diseases” held at Department of studies in Biotechnology ,Microbiology & Biochemistry on 2nd January 2015

Dignitaries during the inauguration of UGC sponsored National seminar on “Frontier Innovations in Biochemistry & Its Interdisciplinary relevance” held at Department of studies in Biotechnology ,Microbiology & Biochemistry on 31st March 2015

Dignitaries during the inauguration of UGC sponsored National Workshop on “Cloning techniques & Primer designing” held at Department of studies in Biotechnology, Microbiology & Biochemistry on 18th September 2015

Dignitaries during the inauguration of UGC sponsored National Seminar on “The perpetual threat of emerging & reemerging infectious diseases ” held at Department of studies in Biotechnology, Microbiology & Biochemistry on 18th March 2015

Poster Presentation competition on “Known your Noble laureate” Held on 07.04.2016 , seen in the picture are the student participants , Judges Dr.Ramchandra Kini & Dr.Girish Chandran with the head of the department of Studies in Biotechnology ,Microbiology & Biochemistry Dr.Jyoti Bala Chauhan.

Special lecture on Inspiration from nature : Far Reaching Impact of Toxin Research” by Dr.Manjunatha Kini ,Professor of Biochemistry, Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore, Singapore on 20th February 2017

Special lecture by Dr. Rajesh Kumar Thimmulappa, Associate Professor and Ramalingaswami Fellow, Dept. of Biochemistry, Dept. of Pulmonary Medicine, JSS Medical College, JSS University Mysore, Karnataka (Former Assistant Scientist, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, US) on “Targeting Adaptive Cellular Stress Response Program to Protect from Environmental Diseases”  on  18 th  November 2016

Major Equipments   

  • HPLC System
  • GC System
  • PCR machine
  • Microscopes
  • Fluorescent, stereo binocular with digital imaging
  • Deep freezers 
  • UV-Visible Spectrophotometers
  • High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge 
  • COincubator
  • UV transilluminator and Gel doc system
  • Temperature controlled orbital shaker
  • ELISA reader
  • Flash evaporator
  • Sonicator

Infrastructural facilities

  • Well equipped and spacious Laboratories
  • R& D laboratory
  • Computational and networking facilities
  • Back-up power generator facilities
  • Plant Tissue Culture
  • Humanized cell culture laboratory
  • Well constructed spacious seminar halls equipped with OHP/LCD projectors 

Research & Development
The Department is recognized as a R&D center by the University of Mysore. The Department is running couple of projects funded byUGC and Vision Group of Science and Technology (VGST). Students are also involved in the current projects and given training to handle various instruments. The Department has successfully completed research projects funded by UGC, New Delhi.